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Share hosting

Shared hosting, also sometimes referred to as virtual hosting, is a web hosting environment where each individual hosting account is stored on a single web server. Think of a web server as a very powerful computer loaded with resources. Each of the accounts on the server shares the server's system resources. These resources include disk space, data transfer and server processing power.


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VPS Hosting

VPS is an abbreviation for "virtual private server. A VPS works by dividing a physical server into separate virtual machines. Each of these virtual machines, or virtual private servers, operate completely independently from one another. In other words, each VPS has its own operating system as well as allocation of resources like RAM, CPU and disk space. This provides you with an environment that closely mimics that of a Dedicated Server, without the costs associated with it.


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Problem with sending email 26 May, 2023 10:19

Many of customers ask us about blacklists, spamlists or they have a problem with sending email. With this website you can check your domain, IP or email. If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to contact us by email, phone or here. We are here for you. We ca solve all of yours problems.

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Check your DNS 26 May, 2023 10:15

Do you have a problem with setting DNS for your domain? We can help you, we also can hosting your website, data, email boxes. We also can register a new domain, server, email box, ssl or another service for you. Here you can check you actual settings for DNS: If you have any additional questions please let us know. We will be happy help you and solve the probl...

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